SCENA Theatre presents a riveting production of the classic British drama on youth rebellion and violence: Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange

Washington, DC — September 2012 — The Directors of SCENA Theatre announce the first production of their 25th Anniversary season—Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange, a play with music. This classic, controversial work was originally a 1962 novel by Burgess that was banned in the US. In 1971 it was made into a riveting cult film by American director Stanley Kubrick, one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange, directed by SCENA's Artistic Director Robert McNamara, previews October 6 - 12th, 2012. Opening Night / Press Night is October 13th, 2012. Members of the press should RSVP to to attend or schedule a preferred alternate performance. This play is appropriate for audiences 16 and up. Tickets are $25 - $35 and may be purchased here on Scena's website or by calling 703.683.2824. Tickets may also be purchased at the H Street Playhouse box office one hour prior to each performance.

SCENA is building upon its 25-year tradition of presenting provocative stage plays with the premiere of the complete musical production of Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange. The play uses Burgess' own adaptation including the author’s original lyrics and musical selections set to the music of Beethoven, with addition original scoring composed by Eric Trester. The cast features a highly talented local actor Chris Stinson (We Tiresias, Capital Fringe 2012) in the lead as Alex.

"Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange is the ideal play to kick off our landmark 25th Anniversary Season", said Artistic Director Robert McNamara. "It embodies our niche—and reflects our history—of presenting provocative and exceptional international theatre that makes people think", he added.

This play is a satire that portrays a future, dystopian society where extreme youth rebellion has taken root. The story follows Alex, an intelligent teen living in a futuristic England, who leads a gang that goes on nightly orgies filled with random "ultra-violence". While Alex is the gang's brains, his friends are referred to as Droogs, dim-witted bruisers who provide bravado and muscle for the gang's exploits. Ultimately Alex and his rogue partners are captured and subjected to government-run experiments to cure violence and anger. The ensuing outcomes are provocative, riveting, and downright mind-blowing. 

50 years after the original novella was written by Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange still shocks and fascinates audiences with its portrayal of ultra-violence and use of the fictional “nadsat” slang – a hybrid of English and Russian. The primary theme of free will versus social order—and the human capacity for evil and redemption—continue to be as relevant today as in 1962. While the novella initially garnered little attention in the general public, it shot to cult status after being made into a film by Stanley Kubrick in 1971. In response to the American version of the novel (which cut the final chapter) and an onslaught of amateurish stage adaptations, Burgess personally adapted his novella into a play with music, which was published in 1987. It was dramatized by the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1990.

Actors: Chris Stinson, Jim Jorgensen, Charlotte Akin, Buck O’Leary, Elliott Kashner, Sissel Bakken, Chris Aldrich, Armand Sindoni, Theo Hadjimichael, Connor Hogan, Michael Miyazaki, Yoni Gray, Mitchell Grant, Hannah Burkhauser, Tom Byrne, and Terence Heffernan. U/S: Kim Curtis and Joey Ibanez.

Designers: Robert McNamara (Director), Marianne Meadows (Lights), Michael Stepowany (Set), Alisa Mandel (Costumes), Erik Trester (Sound Design /Composer), Paul Gallagher (Fight Choreographer), Gregory Watkins (Musical Director), Sissel Bakken (Vocal Coach), Jessica Wade (Props), April E. Carter (Stage Mgr.), Raquis D. Petree (Choreographer/Asst. Director), Anne Nottage (2nd Asst. Director / Literary Manager), Natalia Zhiteneva (Costume Assistant), Anthony Adams (Production Mgr.), Gabriele Jakobi (Dramaturg), and Connor Hogan ( Fight Coach).

Previews:  $10 on Thursday October 11 & Friday October 12 (both 8pm shows)

Opening:  Saturday October 13, VIP Opening Night/Press Night: 8pm show; reception after

Performing:  October 13 – November 18, 2012 (Thurs, Fri & Sat at 8pm; Sun at 3pm)

Price: $25 - $35


1365 H Street NE

Washington, DC 20002

Fun Events:  Wednesday October 31: Halloween Hell-raiser: 8pm show, party after. Costumes welcome

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SCENA Theatre brings the best international theatre to Washington, DC and to stimulates cultural exchange between theatre artists, locally and worldwide. Founded in 1987 under the leadership of Artistic Director Robert McNamara and Managing Director Amy Schmidt, SCENA produces an annual season of plays, seasonally staged readings, as well as a Workshop Series aimed at developing new works from around the globe. To learn more about our mission or past stage productions, please call 703-684-7990.